Woven Wood Shades

20140828_114309Tropical Wovens

Woven wood shades can be easily customized to fit around awkward architectural elements like air conditioners, heat registers, and window cranks.

They can be coordinated with woven drapes and sliding panels to bring rooms with wide windows and patio doors together.
Woven wood shades are available in a variety of operating styles including bottom-up / top-down and roller shade style.

For additional convenience and safety, you can motorize your woven wood shades!


20140828_115741-1Roman vs. Cascading
Tropical Woven shades form neat, 6″ accordion-type folds when raised, hanging completely flat when lowered. A standard 7″ self-valance conceals the operating hardware for the shade.

A “cascading” shade is also available. The cascading shade captures the look of beautiful soft folds, even when the shade is fully lowered.

Sample Solutions!

Tropical Wovens Swatches
Tropical Wovens Portfolio $75.00

Tropical Wovens Hand Samples
Tropical Wovens Portfolio $20.00

Care & Cleaning

If not damaged or exposed to high levels of direct sunlight, you may expect years of enjoyment from your woven shades with minimal care. Periodic raising and lowering of shades helps prevent dust accumulation. If additional cleaning is desired, shades can be lightly brushed or carefully vacuumed with a brush attachment.